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Newspapers Get a Jump on Death With Pre-Written Obits

Newspapers Get a Jump on Death With Pre-Written Obits

US: Los Angeles Times converges

US: Los Angeles Times converges: ”Online content producers at The Los Angeles Times will be moving to ‘regular newsroom departments’ such as national, foreign, or business, reports Frank Barnako of Market Watch in…

“Bloggar – forum för vuxenmobbare”

EvaEmma Andersson i Aftonbladet: ”Bloggar – forum för vuxenmobbare” Google : How Do Developers Use HTML

The freaks at Google went balistic and scanned over a billion web documents and gathered all sorts of data about them. This is all for the purpose of coming up with a new…

Bloggies: Sixth Annual Weblog Awards

Bloggies >> Sixth Annual Weblog Awards: ”It’s now the sixth year of the world’s most established weblog awards, the Bloggies™. Personal Web publishing never stops growing, and that means this year the public…

Sweden: newspaper group buys 8 blogs

Sweden: newspaper group buys 8 blogs: ”Sweden’s largest newspaper publisher, Bonnier Newspapers, has purchased 8 theme blogs, which focus on gadgets, games, cars, bike and advertising. Founders of the blogs Roger Åberg and…

Steve Jobs: “You’ve got to find what you love”

‘You’ve got to find what you love,’ Jobs says ”This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12,…

Guardian: Google Pack is an embarrassing mess

Over at WinSupersite, Paul Thurrott has reviewed the Google Pack software bundle (Windows only), and is not impressed. It’s obviously a ragbag of applications, but some of them are out of date, and…

Essential Mac OS X applications

Essential Mac OS X applications

Writers Block Live: Adobe Releases Public Beta of Lightroom!

Turns out the rumors were true. Today Adobe released a public beta for Lightroom, their new Aperture-like application for photographers. I spent an hour or so playing with it, and am quite impressed….

Weird Science: Magiskt möte mellan Ricky Gervais och Larry David

Vi såg Ricky Gervais suveräna intervju med Larry David på engelsk tv igår, och bjuder på referat och bilder…… Läs mer av det här på Weird Science

AppleInsider: Apple hints at .Mac updates next Tuesday

A posting to Apple’s .Mac account page this weekend warned members of expected downtime next Tuesda…… Läs mer av det här på AppleInsider

MacNytt Nyheter: Helgdagar 2006 för iCal

För den bekvämt lagde finns det nu en iCal-kalender att ladda hem. Skriven av: Carl-Johan Eelde… Läs mer av det här på MacNytt Nyheter

SvD: En folkbildande flanör

SvD: En folkbildande flanör: ”Han kallar sig för hopplöst reaktionär, blir deprimerad av det svenska sommarljuset och drömmer om att öppna en överdekorerad ölhall. Men först försöker flanören och allkonstnären Fredrik Lindström lösa…

TIME: The Best Photos of the Year 2005

TIME: The Best Photos of the Year 2005

Side-Line: Johnny Marr announces new album

Former Smith guitarist Johnny Marr has announced that a second and follow-up album to ”Boomslang” by Johnny Marr & The Healers will be released in Spring 2006. Some songs recorded are: The Sparks…

dotJournalism: Telegraph rolls out blogs for 2006

Seven correspondents join the blogwagon at UK broadsheet… Läs mer av det här på dotJournalism

Media Culpa: 2005 in review

Many thanks to all my readers and a Happy New Year to all of you. Here are a few curiosities from the year that passed. Headline of the year:”Bottom falls out of thong…

Dave Mabe: Gmail Mobile is Here

Gmail Mobile from Google is here and it is fantastic…. Läs mer av det här hos Dave Mabe

cityofsound: New Musical Experiences

Below, the written-up and expanded notes for a talk I gave at a seminar called ‘The Future of Music’ at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. This followed a talk by John Kieffer, in his…

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