Månadsarkiv: juli 2006


*domainname.name:                unikapartiet.se
*domainname.status:              REGISTRERAT
*domainname.regdate:             2006-07-27
*contract_number:                105-688-088
*status:                         UPPRATTAT
*holder:                         Linda Rosing
*orgno:                          (not shown)
*contact_info.coaddr:            -
*contact_info.address:           (not shown)
*contact_info.zipcode:           (not shown)
*contact_info.postal_town:       (not shown)
*contact_info.countrycode:       (not shown)
*contact_info.phone_no:          (not shown)
*contact_info.fax:               -
*contact_info.contact:           (not shown)
*contact_info.email:             -

Linda Rosing: ”Jag har kommit på namnet själv”

Cutting Crew-revival

Cutting Crew-revival:

”De riktigt stora räkningarna från mitt Music Store-konto kommer förstås när jag har nostalgifrossa. Bäst gillar jag att göra coverkollen – att försöka hitta så många’ versioner av samma gamla popdänga som möjligt… Jag menar, det är ju fullkomligt tydligt att Cutting Crew är det nya Pink Floyd när Mika tar över efter Scissor Sisters., eller nåt.”

(Via roger wilson.)

An Inside Look at Google

I’ve represented Google at many events for women in engineering, and I’m always asked the same thing: ”What’s it like to work there?” I certainly don’t mind discussing the subject, but I often think it would be great if more people could see it for themselves. Well, now you can. We invite you to take a sneak peek inside Google and hear straight from some of our female engineers what life here is really like.

Of course, our goal of recruiting as many gifted female engineers as we can also means encouraging young women who are still in school. So I’d like to issue a hearty congrats to the winners of this year’s Anita Borg scholarships.

– Jen Fitzpatrick, Engineering Director, Google