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Noterat 2010-05-18

  • Adam Curry’s iPhone app Big App Show is up on the App Store. It’s a review of other iPhone apps — it’s like running an app before you buy it. You actually see the app on your iPhone at the…
  • A museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is showing off 70 years of Polaroid camera history from the company's official archives.
  • Something is amiss in the App Store right now. The best Twitter client, Tweetie 2, is nowhere to be found. So where did it fly off to? Did Apple pull it for some violation? Unlikely. Instead, the…
  • Babak Rahimi om kurdernas motstånd.
  • Pär Rådströms Ärans portar , PO Enquists Kartritarna och Agneta Pleijels En vinter i Stockholm och ett 60 tal till . Nu finns de tillgängliga igen! Du kan köpa dem som POD (print-on-demand) då…

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