Månad: januari 2013

Min nya brevkompis

Var det så här iOS-utvecklare världen över vaknade i dag?

Jag fick en fisk!

Söndagsutflykt: Pimpelfiske

People are awesome 2013

People are awesome 2013: The People are Awesome videos usually come out in October (2010, 2011), but I’ll accept it a couple months late. Four and a half minutes of people doing awesome…

Dricker kyrkkaffe.

Introducing BBC R&D’s new In Session series

Introducing BBC R&D’s new In Session series: Building on this legacy, I’m delighted that we are today launching BBC R&D’s In Session series – a new, curated series of video interviews that explore the key…


”What it’s Really Like Working with Steve Jobs”

Not only did he know and love product engineering, it’s all he really wanted to do. He told me once that part of the reason he wanted to be CEO was so that…

Torkar blöt hund

Dagens outfit

PennApps 2013 Hackathon Runner-Up SparkTab Could Be Your New Browser Start Page

SparkTab is kind of like QuickSilver for your browser. Instead of setting your new tab page to, say, Google, you would add SparkTab. From the text entry bar, you can perform searches, send…

Indie Film Shot Guerrilla-Style Within Disney Theme Parks

About three years ago, Randy Moore, a struggling screenwriter living in Burbank, had an out-there idea: What if he took a tiny camera and, without asking permission, began shooting a narrative movie at…

Burglar who stole Jobs’ computers sentenced

Kariem McFarlin, 35, was found to have burglarized a number of homes and may have been caught through the "Find My iPhone" iOS tracking feature, as well as a bizarre incident in which…

I dag hatar alla barn #instagram som inför åldersgräns.

Millenium-skylt från The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo till salu

Beskrivning: Skylt, med texten Millennium, för väggmontage. Bredd 145 cm, höjd 38 cm. Framstår med visst slitage. GWDT Film AB, som bland annat varit med och producerat den amerikanska versionen av The Girl…

Himmel – vilken himmel

Mitt poddtips: Journalistpodden

I Journalistförbundets podcast, möter ordförande Jonas Nordling spännande mediepersonligheter i öppna samtal om framtidens utmaningar för journalistiken. Journalistpodden

iTunes was released 12 years ago today

iTunes was released 12 years ago today: Lastly, in reference to the digital music revolution as a whole, Steve says, “We’re late to this party but we’re about to do a leapfrog.” (Via 52 Tiger)


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