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Nytt nyhetstest på

Nytt nyhetstest på Själva grundkoden till spelet har Project Thunderdome, en numera nedlagd del av amerikanska Digital Media First, gjort tillgänglig som open source. (Via Bloggen om

Upphittat 30 augusti 2014

Millions of historic images posted to Flickr

Fel, fel, fel!!!!! #brasse

Konstvandring med @dokumentpress #svtilifestyle

Upphittat 28 augusti 2014

Vackra Stockholm visas upp i time lapse


Hjälp mig, vilket parti är det här?

Upphittat 27 augusti 2014

Larger iPad with 12.9″ Display Coming in Early 2015

Upphittat 26 augusti 2014

Behind the News | Columbia Journalism Review

Upphittat 25 augusti 2014

How Calgary husband-and-wife actors, and 23 family members, helped Apple win an Emmy

Upphittat 24 augusti 2014 is live E-böckerna flyttar in på biblioteket Switchboard Riche startar tv-serie med Viggo Cavling Söndagskolumn #107. Om hur Aftonbladets framtid började.

Modded pressure gauge displays your Internet usage in Mb/s

Modded pressure gauge displays your Internet usage in Mb/s: Building Ed Konowal’s Raspberry Pi-based Internet Pressure Gauge (as seen at SIGGRAPH 2014!) costs about $425 in parts ($100 for the vintage gauge on Ebay,…

Upphittat 22 augusti 2014

LearnToMod | Minecraft Modding For Kids – LearnToMod

Upphittat 21 augusti 2014

This is a mesmerizing map showing who is listening to the same song at the same time Eric Clapton’s favorite guitar solo ”Ottosson fick sparken”

Upphittat 20 augusti 2014

2013 Feltron Personal Annual Report Why the Ice-Bucket Challenge Went Viral — NYMag Monica Lewinsky on what it’s like to be slut-shamed by the entire world Magic of the mixtape Netflix hack changes colors of…

@afromusing is the co-founder of Ushahidi, open-source software for collecting and mapping information — and of iHub, a collective tech space in Nairobi, Kenya. #theconf

Erin Moore, Designer, @Twitter, designing for time @emoore #theconf

Author Eva Hoffman about time. #theconf

Portrait of Chelsea Manning by @mollycrabapple #theconf

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