Svepet 21 april 2015

NYSTART – det var helt enkelt dags. Dags att ta tag i det där med tipsen. Göra det enklare för mig, få ett riktigt flöde och fundera på hur det borde vara. Så här är det. Ett svep genom mina bokmärken som görs varje gång jag har samlat på mig en handfull. Inga bestämda tider eller ämnen. Bara ett svep med tio länkar. Så får vi se om jag ändrar mig om en vecka igen…

  1. Leanflix: The best movies on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon
    ”Leanflix is the easiest way to find movies worth watching on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and HBO (oh, and it’s free). It aggregates all of the available movies from your favorite streaming services in a single view and uses a machine learning algorithm to sort the movies from best to worst.”
  2. How Designers Destroyed the World by Mike Monteiro
    In this bluntly honest presentation—named 2014 Talk of the Year by Net Magazine, and captured live at An Event Apart Orlando Special Edition—Mike Monteiro invites you to consider your responsibilities as a designer and embrace your role as gatekeeper.
  3. Drive app installs through App Indexing
    Detta är big deal. Om du har en app och den blir indexerad av Google så kan besökare installera appen direkt från sökresultatet.
  4. What Does My Site Cost?
    Find out how much it costs for someone to use your site on mobile networks around the world.
  5. A New Whitney –
    No longer a fortress in an uneasy city, the Whitney Museum of American Art opens itself up to a changed New York, a glittery emblem signaling a definitive shift in the city’s social geography.
  6. Passport Index
    Passport Index is an interactive tool, which collects, displays and ranks the passports of the world.
  7. Identify music in youtube videos
  8. Instagram Uploader Up
    Introducing Up, the Instagram Uploader for Mac we all have been waiting for. Upload any size, any format, any shape directly from your Mac without any compromising. Use the tools you like best, such as Adobe Photoshop and upload the PSD file without converting.
    Unleash your creativity from that square on that tiny monitor. Sharing on Instagram has never been so easy.