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Smart, vill man ju veta mer om.

99% Invisible Podcast’s Brilliant Response to Criticism of Women’s Voices — Medium

99% Invisible is no stranger to listener complaints about women’s voices, either. Mingle has apparently received enough listener complaints about women’s voices on the program that she’s opted to create a brilliant folder and auto-reply email system to deal with such criticism in a rather fitting and pragmatic fashion.

via 99% Invisible Podcast’s Brilliant Response to Criticism of Women’s Voices — Medium.

The Tape Project

Nu räcker det inte med speciella utgåvor, boxar, samlingar, remastrade utgåvor. Nu ska det vara på rullband.

Releasing classic albums on reel-to-reel, duplicated from the original master tapes. You would expect these tapes to sound good of course, and you should expect they would sound better than the LP and digital sources. But you will be shocked at just how much better they do sound.

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Lösning: Nedladdningen av El Capitan beta fastnar på 111 MB

Hade problem med senaste betan för El Capitan (nr 6). Fastnade på 111 MB och sen kom den aldrig vidare. Hittade den här lösningen som jag testade och nu fungerar det.

Based on dfooter’s experience below, it seems that App Store gets struck after downloading the firmware part of the update. So the first thing to try is to go to /Library/Updates/ and run the 107.6MB FirmwareUpdate.pkg file you find in there. That will install the firmware update and free up App Store to download the Beta 5 update.

via Update with several El Capitan Beta stuck at 10… | Apple Developer Forums.

Status Board Goes 2.0 with New Panels, Multiple Boards, and More

Status Board Goes 2.0 with New Panels, Multiple Boards, and More:


Lastly, Status Board is now a free app for up to six panel types, with a $9.99 In-App Purchase to unlock six more. Given the realities of the modern App Store, it’s not surprising to see Panic experimenting with this model, and I truly hope it works for them because Status Board is an excellent showcase of the iPad’s versatility (edging towards ”consumption” and glanceability in this case).

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BBC Homepage: Pick your own mix with customisation

BBC Homepage: Pick your own mix with customisation:


From today, you can now make the BBC Homepage more tailored to you by customising the page. Some of the features that are now available include:

  • Save your location centrally.
  • Turn on or off the Weather forecast for your location.
  • Add Local News to your Homepage.
  • Add one of many new collections that are available.
  • Remove collections that you don’t want to see.
  • Receive personal iPlayer recommendations (provided you also use your BBC iD on the device or app you use to watch iPlayer).

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