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Upphittat 8 januari 2018

  1. Let’s Dance (Demo) available now
    At the end of the track, Bowie’s voice can be heard laughing saying "That’s it, that’s it! Got it, got it!”. Within four months ‘LET’S DANCE' would be one of the biggest and most influential hits of the decade.
  2. Nintendo of America launches Nintendo Power Podcast
  3. New guide helps journalists, researchers investigate misinformation, memes and trolling
  4. Golden Globe Award Winners 2018: The Complete List
  5. Oprah Winfrey’s Speech: ‘A New Day Is on the Horizon’
  6. BBC News Editor Quits Her Post to Protest Gender Pay Gap
  7. Why Quartz is churning out short-run newsletters for big events
  8. Tysk mediejätte köper United Screens
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