Tim Cook: Steve Jobs’ DNA will always be the core of Apple

Tim Cook: Steve Jobs’ DNA will always be the core of Apple:

Speaking to students at the University of Glasgow at Scotland, Apple commander-in-chief Tim Cook discussed how Steve Jobs and his philosophy have shaped the Big A into the company that it is today. Addressing the audience, Cook said Jobs is “by far” the individual who has influenced him the most during his lifetime, noting Apple continues to celebrate and live the Jobs philosophy. “Steve’s DNA will always be the core of Apple. Steve is deeply embedded in the company. We celebrate him and we celebrate his philosophy,” he said, before further adding Jobs’ philosophy will be present in the company even 100…

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Lösning: Nedladdningen av El Capitan beta fastnar på 111 MB

Hade problem med senaste betan för El Capitan (nr 6). Fastnade på 111 MB och sen kom den aldrig vidare. Hittade den här lösningen som jag testade och nu fungerar det.

Based on dfooter’s experience below, it seems that App Store gets struck after downloading the firmware part of the update. So the first thing to try is to go to /Library/Updates/ and run the 107.6MB FirmwareUpdate.pkg file you find in there. That will install the firmware update and free up App Store to download the Beta 5 update.

via Update with several El Capitan Beta stuck at 10… | Apple Developer Forums.

Status Board Goes 2.0 with New Panels, Multiple Boards, and More

Status Board Goes 2.0 with New Panels, Multiple Boards, and More:


Lastly, Status Board is now a free app for up to six panel types, with a $9.99 In-App Purchase to unlock six more. Given the realities of the modern App Store, it’s not surprising to see Panic experimenting with this model, and I truly hope it works for them because Status Board is an excellent showcase of the iPad’s versatility (edging towards ”consumption” and glanceability in this case).

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