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Heartbeat is a simple app that lets you and your friends listen to the same Spotify music in real time. Whenever you or one of your friends play a new song it will automatically play for everyone listening.

Evergreen – a new feed reader


Brent Simmons, whisky-soaked baritone and beloved Mac developer, is writing a new feed reader for MacOS called Evergreen. And it’s open source.

This is awesome and I’m hoping this will be the app that’ll get me to switch away from NetNewsWire 3.3.2.

(Via The Shape of Everything) – när man inte kan bli latare?



How it works
Give us some instructions. Describe the types of photos you’d like to send/receive and give us the link(s) to the social media profiles of your choice.
We’ll select and edit your photos on your behalf. We will select and edit photos from your social media based on the instructions you give us
Smile & Relax! We’ll print and deliver your photos to the address provided each month. Your surroundings will always be up to date with the latest moments, joys, and accomplishments in your life!

So long and godspeed, Blaskan | Per Sandström

So long and godspeed, Blaskan | Per Sandström: “For the last two years I’ve had a hard time giving it the time it needs and development has stagnated. I’m therefore happy to announce that I’m passing the torch over to Aigars Silkalns and his company Colorlib. Aigars is a extremely experienced WordPress developer and I’m sure Blaskan will have a great future in his hands.

Smartflix: Hela Netflix katalog på 14 000 filmer – oavsett land

smartflix-ikon.pngOlika länder har olika begränsningar kring Netflix. I Sverige kan man t ex se serien Bron men samma serie går inte att se USA. Det sägs att hela Netflix katalog består av över 14 000 filmer. I Sverige kan man just nu se 2090 olika videos från Netflix.

Med tjänsten Smartflix så försvinner alla landsgränser. Du får alltså se allt – oavsett vilket land Netflix har köpt rättigheter för visning av filmen.

Jag gillar funktionen där Smartflix listar vilka filmer som är helt nya och en annan del av tjänsten som visar vilka titlar som snart försvinner, av rättighetsskäl.

Upphittat via NRK Beta.



MusicLamhe lets you enjoy cover songs by famous artist. Currently cover songs are aggregated from YouTube with two languages English and Hindi. Be one of the first 500 to register and we’ll give you premium features for free.

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Google Is Hiring An SEO Manager To Improve Its Rankings In Google

Hey SEOs! Looking for a new place to work? Google is hiring a SEO to help drive more organic traffic to its web properties.

Källa: Google Is Hiring An SEO Manager To Improve Its Rankings In Google

#HBD: Celebrate your birthday on Twitter

#HBD: Celebrate your birthday on Twitter:

We’re excited to make sharing these personal celebrations even easier — starting today, you’ll be able to show your birthday on your Twitter profile.

(Via The Twitter Blog)

A new dashboard to help you monitor and manage your Twitter account

A new dashboard to help you monitor and manage your Twitter account:

Now, your Twitter data dashboard — which you can access from the settings menu on — shows your account activation details, the devices that have accessed your account and your recent login history. With this information, you can quickly review your account activity and verify that everything looks the way it should.

(Via The Twitter Blog)

Neil Young: Streaming låter för dåligt, jag plockar bort mina plattor

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Streaming has ended for me. I hope this is ok for my fans.It's not because of the money, although my share (like all…

Posted by Neil Young on den 15 juli 2015


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