BBC Homepage: Pick your own mix with customisation

BBC Homepage: Pick your own mix with customisation:


From today, you can now make the BBC Homepage more tailored to you by customising the page. Some of the features that are now available include:

  • Save your location centrally.
  • Turn on or off the Weather forecast for your location.
  • Add Local News to your Homepage.
  • Add one of many new collections that are available.
  • Remove collections that you don’t want to see.
  • Receive personal iPlayer recommendations (provided you also use your BBC iD on the device or app you use to watch iPlayer).

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How we built the new BBC Homepage

The new BBC mobile Homepage is a flexible ‘taster menu’ of the BBC's website. I’ve been leading the development of the new Homepage and in this post I explain some of the technical design decisions made during the initial phase of the project. Please note that some of the language in this post is intended for readers with an interest in software delivery.

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BBC ‘Where Next?’

Directed by Anthony Dickenson

When the BBC launched its first radio service, few could have imagined what impact broadcasting would have on our everyday lives. For the past 90 years the BBC has continued to innovate at the cutting edge of technology. Audiences can choose from a wealth of content and can now watch and listen to what they want, when they want across Connected TV, PC, tablet and mobile.