• The Difference Between iOS and Android
    It is the difference between Apple and Google. It is the stark contrast of a polished, holistic, curated computing experience and a mess of ideas, some implemented well, some implemented poorly, some not making any sense whatsoever. It is the difference in the feel between a finished product and a beta.
  • CNN streaming 24 hours a day to browsers, iPad and iPhone apps
    According to the press release CNN Worldwide is the first news organization to stream its channels online and on mobile devices.
  • "Får man göra så?"
    Kalmarföretaget inFocusmedia lanserade Iphone-appen Leif GW Persson. I appen kan man lyssna på när en imitatör droppar klassiska one-liners från Leif GW Persson. Författaren kände inte till appen och har nu tagit kontakt med en jurist.