Upphittat 22 november 2017

  1. Information Technology teams and Slack
  2. Data Stories That Aren’t Downers
  3. Schibsted Future Report – Outlook 2018
  4. The Scandinavian media giant Schibsted’s annual trends report — part predictions, part survey research, part self-promotion — is out today, free for anyone interested.

  5. The Washington Post Is A Software Company Now
  6. The newspaper created a platform to tackle its own challenges. Then, with Amazon-like spirit, it realized there was a business in helping other publishers do the same.

  7. Mac keyboard shortcuts – Apple Support
  8. Free Open Source Password Manager | bitwarden
  9. The easiest and safest way for individuals, teams, and business organizations to store, share, and sync sensitive data.

  10. Coming Nov. 28 — Slow Burn: A Podcast About Watergate
  11. It took two years for the Watergate scandal to unfold—for a break-in at the Democratic Party’s headquarters to go from a weird little caper to a constitutional crisis that brought down a president. What was it like to experience those two years in real time?

Upphittat 20 november 2017

  1. The Photographer Behind Windows XP ‘Bliss’ Shot 3 New Wallpapers
  2. Nätjättar i nytt samarbete mot fake news
  3. Hola Spark
  4. Sync Music Bot
  5. Sync Music Bot is the first and only music delivery bot to offer music that’s specially-tuned to help you work, relax, and exercise better. Daily playlists will prime you for concentrating on your work, and help keep you in the zone — whether you’re reading, writing, coding, or designing.

  6. R.E.M. streams ‘recently discovered’ footage of sole ‘Automatic For the People’ concert
  7. Find best places to go with kids | GoWithKid
  8. GoWithKid is a tool that helps to find good places around to spend some time with a kid.

Upphittat 19 november 2017

  1. Avataaars Generator – Generate your own avataaars!
  2. The Illustrated History of 20 Years of Photoshop
  3. Fick sparken från Eurosport – nu står Gusten Dahlin på egna ben
  4. Jony Ive and the Wallpaper* magazine cover – Great Technology Story
  5. Maybe it’s corrupt?”
    “I don’t know?”
    “Email him.”
    “Email him and ask if it’s the right file.”
    “Are you joking? I’m not emailing Jony Ive asking if the file is right.”