Information from Eichborn Verlag: "The model", "The robots", "Computerworld" or "Tour de France"Karl Bartos was a composer for all the great hits of Kraftwerk. With his entry in 1975, the Düsseldorf Quartet developed the unmistakable sound architecture that influenced the band worldwide. Kraftwerk were pioneers for techno, house and also electropop.


In his autobiography, Karl Bartos tells for the first time what really happened in the famous Kling sound studios, why he left the band after a lost decade in 1990 and why Kraftwerk belongs to the museum today. With great respect, but also with analytical clarity, Karl Bartos gives in his autobiography exciting insights into the inner life of a band that is still trying to be mysterious and inscrutable. The sound of the machine is the only book you should read about Kraftwerk - written by someone who really needs to know.

From Eichborn Verlag, regarding UK-version: ”No, not yet. It is on submission there and a couple of publishers are considering a translation at the moment. The book has been on the works for a couple of years, Karl Bartos delivered the final manuscript a couple of weeks ago.”
Releasedate: 08/25/2017