1. Die With Me
    The chat app you can only use when you have less than 5% battery.

  2. Laws of UX
    Laws of UX is a collection of the key maxims that designers must consider when building user interfaces.

  3. Office for Mac 16 Gains Real-Time Collaborative Editing and Other New Features - Mac Rumors
    Office for Mac today received a major update, with Microsoft updating the software to version 16 and introducing new features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft is introducing real-time collaborative editing, allowing multiple people to work on the same document at the same time. In Word and PowerPoint, flag icons will let you know what others are working on and what's been changed. Changes to documents, worksheets, and presentations stored in the cloud will be saved automatically, and updates will be synced in seconds. A version history will let you roll back to earlier versions of a document if necessary.

  4. Sexist midcentury ads re-created, flipping gender roles
    Visual artist and photographer Eli Rezkallah has turned the tables on some of the most nauseatingly-sexist (and 100% real) midcentury ads in his latest project, In a parallel universe.

  5. MS Paint, redone in Javascript
    The goal is to remake MS Paint (including its little-known features), improve on it, and to extend the types of images it can edit. So far, it does this pretty well.

  6. Sofia Wadensjö Karén blir vd för UR
    UR:s styrelse har beslutat att Sofia Wadensjö Karén blir ny vd för UR. Hon kommer närmast från tjänsten som vd och chefredaktör för tidningen Vi.

  7. "Vi har jobbat på att göra TV4 Play till en go to-destination"
    Inloggningen har möjliggjort för TV4 Play att skapa personaliserade tv-upplevelser – och få tittarna att stanna kvar. Det säger TV4:s operativa chef Mathias Berg.