John Gruber sätter huvudet på spiken, varför fixar inte Apple Find My för fjärrkontrollen? Det är ju den som försvinner hela tiden. Hade varit så enkelt.

Other times it gets lost in the couch cushions — which is crazy because that’s exactly the scenario Apple used for finding lost keys in the AirTags segment of the event. They even had other remote controls down in the hellscape labyrinth of that guy’s sofa. Yet Apple’s own brand new remote, which debuted alongside AirTags, doesn’t support Find My. I can only chalk this up to Apple’s siloed culture — perhaps the team designing the new remote had no idea what the AirTag/Find My teams were up to, and no one thought to bring them together.

Daring Fireball: Thoughts and Observations on This Week’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Apple Event