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Tänkte att jag ville ha mer av @davidshutrick och lägligt nog vill han ha mer av dig.

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Tack @hilleviwahl för att du körde vår tvål i micron, efter tips från @svtbabel

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How the Colbert Report is made

How the Colbert Report is made:

For the first episode of podcast called Working, David Plotz talks to Stephen Colbert about how he and his staff construct The Colbert Report. This is fascinating.

My show is a shadow of the news, so I have to know what shadow it’s casting right now, so I can distort it in my own way.

At the 13 minute mark, he talks about how the team communicates with each other about how the show is shaping up, changes, concerns, etc. They do it all by what sounds like text messaging. Paging Stewart Butterfield, you should get those folks on Slack. (via digg)

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